Achieve excellence in conversational practice

Simulate real projects using artificial intelligence
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Why choose Deepdive?

Simulations of real scenarios

Increase your team's performance in areas that involve conversational practice, saving valuable resources and time.

Accurate diagnoses

We provide detailed analysis of each conversational session, allowing you to make decisions based on actual performance achieved.

Customizable for any business

Create characters with the personalities of your real customers and simulate everyday situations in your business.

How to apply in your company

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Smart Recruiting
Interactive interviews and candidate selection with confidence.
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Sales Training
Customer simulations in negotiation scenarios.
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Leadership Training
Simulations in feedback scenarios and project presentations.
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Enhanced Education
Practice and assessment of learning with identification of knowledge gaps.
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Excellence in Simulations of Real Scenarios with AI

Explore the Deepdive Platform:

Dive Manager: Create personalized training programs with role-plays, completely tailored to your company's unique needs.

Characters: Develop characters that represent your customers, with distinct avatars and personalities.

Diagnosis: Configure parameters and weights for automated analysis of user performance in conversational simulations.

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Who We Are

We were born in the Brazilian market with the mission of boosting the performance of individuals and companies, through continuous conversational practice with simulations of real-world situations, with the support of artificial intelligence.
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